New Approach for Strata and Strata Council Members To Manage The Building

Offer Value-Added Services To Your Residents

Improve Your Residents' Lives By Bringing Value-Added Services Your Residents Need To Their Doorsteps


Let's take the strata service to the next level. This is a break-through service that can change how a Strata manages the building and its affairs. You can rely on the property management company to provide the building's health information to you, or you can choose to access the wealth of information about the building and residents' well being and use this information for informed decision making. It is a management tool designed for the strata council to view and monitor the status of the building from maintenance, improvement, and residents' well-beings standpoint. They no longer need to wait for the property management company to provide them monthly or weekly status reports on on-going maintenance, repair projects. The following highlights the platform's value proposition to Strata and its residents:

1- Regular residents and building pulse check. Read More
Bring technology to your buildings and build a brand for your building. Read More
3- Hear the residents voice. Read More
4- Access to essential services by residents. Read More
5- Monitor and control building contractors' service quality. Read More
6- Access to building historical repair and maintenance statistics per unit, per order type. Read More
7- Be the first to know about the building's issues. Read More
8- Access to the financing when you need financing your projects. Read More


How Does It Work?


Your residents download the Concierr mobile application. They register as a new user, and during the registration process, they choose the strata number they live in. After login, the resident can see a list of services offered by strata and the building's property management company as well as services that are not offered by strata and are in the platform for their convenience. Strata council members also install their application from Google App Store. This application allows the strata council members, upon request, to see the status of the residents' requests at any given time. It is the on-demand basis, and strata council members don't need to use this application daily. They use it when they need it. On the other hand, strata contractors and trades, or other outside service providers use a third application to receive, process, execute the orders from the residents or strata council members and update the service status, completion time, ETA, and work details. These work details can be seen by residents, by strata and strata council members.


It is beneficial that strata and strata council company to use a monitoring and controlling tool to do the regular pulse check on residents and the building health. This tool will modernize the building and opens a direct electronic communication channel between the residents and strata council members, not using property management as a communication channel between the residents and the strata council. Regular pulse check is essential to ensure that the property management company manages the building with quality that is expected; the residents are satisfied by the services they receive from the property management company or the appointed concierge or front desk. Pulse check will allow the strata council to make proper adjustments on their strategy to manage the building.


Echo your building name as a technology adapted building. Adapt and stand out among thousands of buildings in the city by using the cutting-edge technologies that add value to its resident's lives. Technology allows the strata and strata council memebrs to have real-time insight on building, on-going maintenance work in the building, and more. Using this service will allow your building to adapt the technology that opens the new possibilities toward a more efficient way of managing the building and adding more value-added services. Technology will enable you to deliver higher quality services to your residents. On the other hand, equipping the building with technology will create a strong brand and attracts more high-end residents.


After all, Strata Council members are chosen to manage the building, its status, and well being of its residents; therefore you are the first one to hear from the residents to ensure the property management companies deliver their promises and hold them accountable. The service will create a direct digital channel between the strata council and the residents. It is the channel that residents use to raise their voice and concern, share their ideas, and be in touch with the strata council members first hand. This technology can allow work breakdown between the strata council members based on the type of requests and concerns they receive from residents.


Bring The Services Your Residents Need To Their Doorsteps

One of the major roles of strata is to create a pleasant environment for its residents. Strata can offer convenience to its residents, a technology that enables the residents to have the services they need at their disposal. Signing up to our platform helps the residents can easily access a variety of services for their in-suite services. These services include but not limited to the plumbing, electrician, handyman, painter, renovation, flooring, courier, alarm. This service will also allow the residents can reach out to the property management and concierge services and track the status of their orders or requests. By using this service, strata can improve the quality of life in the building as well as having first-hand insight on what is going on in the building, and if the property management and trade contractors are doing their job as they promised.

Strata can provide options and choices to their residents. Residents can choose from the internal contractors or external when the internal ones are not available. Service will allow the residents to choose from a list of trades and contractors. Contractors in this platform can be the strata contractors or outside contractors. Residents can rate the services they receive from the trades they choose and select those trades that have a higher rank and better reviews. 

The platform also allows a direct channel between the residents and concierge services. All the services offered by the concierge, such as visitor parking, booking party rooms, study room, informing the concierge about building emergencies, will be part of the services on the platform. Residents can use the platform instead of calling the concierge or front desk. Copy of the requests from the residents will be sent to property management, concierge, and strata council members can see the list of the orders and status of the orders.


SLA is important, and response time to an event in the building is important. Sometimes just a couple of minutes of delay could cause thousands of dollars damage. It is important that contractors can respond as quickly as possible to the emergency request. You need to quantifiable approach for measuring the SLA delivered by the property management company. Sure enough, you have hired the property management company to manage the building maintenance. On the other hand, there are trade companies, who have been hired by strata or property management company to perform the jobs. You need a tool to have control over the work the trade companies are doing for the building and the quality of the service you receive from them. The critical question is, how do we hold them accountable? How do we control the quality of the jobs that trade companies perform? How long it took for them to respond? How long it took for them to complete? If the problem re-occurred again? Is the work they are performing is the one they have done before and been paid for, but the problem still exists? The platform can help you to have a centralized view of all the work been initiated by the building.

The platform will collect and store historical repair and maintenance information for the future decision-making process. This information will help the strata council members to make an informed decision for the building's future projects and fund allocation. In addition, the strata council member can use the historical data as a monitoring and controlling tool to measure the quality of the services. The platform can group historical information by the resident, by unit, by the floor, by problem type, and all the attachments, pictures, and more. As well, the platform can log repair or maintenance information to answer why, when, who, how, where questions. The answers to the why, when, who, how, where questions, provide the insight that management can rely on and will lead to more informed decision-making by strata council members.


When crises like water damage, damage to the common areas, outages, elevator issues, or any other critical issues happens, you will be the first to know. The platform will issue alerts, and emergency orders will be created and assigned to the right parties immediately with no delay. This way, you eliminate the response time risk to the critical issues. The contractors, construction companies, trade companies will be informed while you can track the issues raised by the system in real-time and monitor the job's progress.

Tetra leveraging its sister company can help the strata to finance their maintenance, enhancement, repair projects when financing is not available by financial institutions, or you don't want to use the building's reserved funds. Ask us how.