Property Management Companies

Tetra's solution helps The Property Management Companies to have visibility over the maintenance, repair, installation across all of their properties and access the Construction, Renovation, and Trades. The property management companies can benefit from Tetra's platform for one or more of the following purposes:

1- Introducing a new service application to their resident to conveniently access the variety of internal and external services and resources such as plumbing, electricians, handymen, delivery, insurance, painter, and more.
2- Property management companies will have access to external resources and trades upon a request from the residents if their contractors are not available in case of emergencies.
3- Monitoring the service quality and SLA Service Level Agreement to ensure the quality of the services they receive from their contractors and vendors.
4- If a property management company manages more than one building, our customized solution allows the property management companies to manage the multiple buildings' operations from a single management dashboard.

How Does It Work?