Our Solution

Tetra offers a platform to small to medium-sized businesses serving their customers using mobile or office workforce to optimize their operation, improve their customers experience, improve their bottom-line by containing the cost, improving productivity and efficiency using the cutting-edge technology, eliminating the overheads, and streamlining the operations. Our solution can be tailored for the following customers in a standalone or integrated services models:

1- Construction, Renovation, and Trade Companies - Managing their workforce productivity, increasing the service capacity, improving the bottom-line and profitability; Read More
2- Strata Corporation and Provincial Housing Programs - Disrupting the way Strata serves their residents and offering a variety of other services to their residents; Read More
3- Property Management Companies - Improving the services that property management companies offer to strata and strata residents; Read More

You will only get money from ATM if you have deposited money into your account. Skill Bank is a skilled resource pool that participants in the pool can access the skilled resources when they need it and face the resource shortage in a transaction based approach. The participating construction and renovation companies join the pool by registering their workforce in the pool. The system will give priority to the owner of the resource when assigning a job unless the resource is in an idle state that other participating businesses can leverage the idle time on a transaction basis.
Each business can participate in the Resource Pool program by registering a limited number of skilled resources in the pool. When the number of participants increases in the pool, participants can leverage the skilled resources in the pool when they need it. The pool will grant access via a mobile application that businesses use to see the resources on the map, their availability. When the assignment is created, skilled resources will receive the job on their mobile application.


Technicians don't work in their 100% capacity all the time due to different reasons, but you pay for their idle time when there is no job to do. There is always idle time, and there are still times that our technicians are not busy and have a free cycle. Our platform can monitor the technicians' idle time and allow you to maximize your return on investment. There are two approaches. First, by utilizing your technician's idle time, you need fewer resources for the same volume of work. Second, You can join the Tetra's Skill Bank and let your technician's idle time to make money for you when your when someone else needs that skill.

Solution Benefits In a Glance

You can use Tetra Mobile Systems' mobile platform to manage and monitor your field operations at any given time on the go. Three mobile applications work together to deliver the solution. Management uses the solution to access the status of the work orders, mobile workforce, monitor the orders' progression, who is doing what at any given time, cancelled orders and activities, delayed orders, at-risk orders, missed appointments, and status of the orders and technicians on the map.
Tetra's solution benefits at a high level
  • Reduce the operating cost
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve customer experience
  • Streamline work order processing
  • Improve operational excellence
  • Improve the bottom-line

Construction, Renovation, and Trade companies

Our platform assists you in lowering your operating cost, eliminating overheads leading to higher profitability. We help you to improve your service capacity by enhancing productivity and increasing your workforce's availability. We offer a solution to breakdown the eight hours shift for different order types. Our platform provides resources sharing capability with your business partners to loan your resources. The platform will allow you and your business partner to share the human resources in a controlled manner.

Strata corporations and BC Housing

Let's take the strata service to the next level. Today's strata's day-to-day operation, managing, and serving their residents can change to bring more services, more convenience to their residents doorsteps. Your residents will install the mobile application to access variety of the services such as plumbers, electricians, handymen, food delivery, and access to strata and property managers. While your residents initiate service requests using the mobile application for in-suite or common areas, you can monitor the building health and on-going and historical maintenance history.

Property Management companies

The property management companies can benefit from Tetra's platform for one or more of the following purposes:

1- Introducing a new service application to their resident to conveniently access the variety of internal and external services and resources such as plumbing, electricians, handymen, delivery, insurance, painter, and more.
2- Property management companies will have access to external resources and trades upon a request from the residents if their contractors are not available in case of emergencies.
3- Monitoring the service quality and SLA Service Level Agreement to ensure the quality of the services they receive from their contractors and vendors.
4- If a property management company manages more than one building, our customized solution allows the property management companies to manage the multiple buildings' operations from a single management dashboard.

Our platform serves the strata, property management and construction companies. These businesses can use the solution customized explicitly for their need as a standalone solution with no integration with property management or construction and trade companies.

Alternatively, we have an integrated model that connects strata, property management companies, and construction & Trade solutions to serve the end-user who lives in a strata lot using a streamlined process. Using the integrated model allows a request from Strata resident flow all the way to trade or construction workforce while keeps the Strata, Property Management Company, and Construction companies informed.

Design thinking is at the core of our product. 

The integrated model is a total solution that follows the design thinking concept to create a customer experience for the end-users who need service without worrying about how, who, when, what aspects of the service delivery. In the integrated model, the customer doesn't need to know the detail and about who will serve their needs, who will process the request, and how the request will be delivered to him.

Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence

Tetra's solution helps management to move toward improving the service quality by measuring the business performance using the KPIs and metrics leading to operational excellence. The data collected from the field services allows the business to implement continuous improvement measures such as process improvement, process re-engineering, personnel training, and more . Tetra's integrated solution will enable the business to deliver quality service using the following components that collect data and measure the performance and would allow businesses to reach operational excellence. Tetra's solution is comprised of the following three components:

1- Work Order Management
2- Workforce Management and Productivity
3- Management Insight

Solution Components

Work Order Management

Tetra's solution streamlines your order management activities, from the moment that order is created to the completion. In addition to the phone channel to receive and log the work orders of any kind like repair, installation, maintenance. Work order management provides the visibility on the status of the work orders, status of activities under the work orders at any given time. As well, order management is designed to define work order and activity level alerts such as appointment at risk, appointment missed and other related alerts. Management can use the alerts to measure the business performance by analyzing the root causes of the alerts and take the required actions. Order management features will provide the necessary operational data to implement the continuous improvement to address any process or systems issues. Work orders might exist stand alone or can have activities that comprise the work orders. In other word, one work order can have one to many activities. This implies that a work order with activities, can't be completed until the activities underneath are complete. The order and activity relationship can create dependencies to serialize the activities in certain order. Work order management contains that Auto-Dispatch engine that will dispatch the work orders automatically to your technicians based on the job code and skills required to complete the task.

Management Insight

Tetra's solution will provide solutions for improvements in the following areas that will lead to bottom-line improvements and profitability. The solution will cut the overheads, leading to a simple workflow, and eventually doing more works by less human resources. By using our platform, management will have required management insight to gain operational excellence, simplify the processes, and move toward profitability. System also logs any delay on the service delivery, job duration variance, appointments at risk alerts. Management at any given time can see the status of the work orders, the location and status of the technicians on the map, who is busy on what, how long the tasks are taking. In addition, we collect the work order data and technicians' efficiency data that can help the business to define the operational metrics and measure for CI Continuous Improvement by putting the spotlight on the areas of the improvements. These insights ultimately lead to a competitive advantage, customer experience, operational efficiency.

Mobile Workforce Management

The solution will increase technicians' productivity, create convenience, and provides you with the data to measure technicians' productivity. These areas of improvement will lead to decreased operational costs and improved efficiencies. Using our solution, you can measure productivity and improve how the technicians do the job every day. The solution will help you to address the bottlenecks, simplifies the processes by eliminating the redundant steps across your processes. Every morning technicians can log in to their mobile application, receive the work orders for the day, accept or decline the work and start traveling to the customer sites. This feature will shorten the travel time to travel to the office in the morning and afternoon. Upon the task completion, technicians can submit completion forms, equipment forms, collect the signature and rating from the customer and submit the completion info to their supervisors and the management.

How Do You Use The Solution

We have a white label solution for you. Here is how we do it for you. We create a mobile app with your logo and brand on it. Your customers will download the customer application from App Store or Google Play store, and they can choose your products or services. They don't call you anymore and spend time on the phone. On the other hand, your office and mobile workforce download their application from Google Play Store. Management downloads its app from Google Play Store. Once your platform is ready, your customers submit their work order or service request and our solution will automatically dispatch the service request to the right workforce of yours considering the skills and distance. Management at any given time can see the status and details of the work orders.

We collect technicians' productivity data

Could you measure your technician's productivity? Do you have or need data to analyze your workforce ROI? How many work orders, activities, or tasks your technician can do in eight hours? Could you measure the technician's utilization? You can't improve if you can't measure it. Management who relies on operational data can implement measures to boost efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, leading to a higher ROI. Tetra's platform can help you collect, analyze, and make an informed decision on how to close the productivity gaps such as lack of training, lack of skills, inefficiencies, and other factors. Data will lead to defining required KPIs or metrics that management can use to benchmark against past periods or industries best practices. The operational data will help the organization to initiate continuous improvement initiatives toward operational excellence.

Lower operating cost, stay profitable and deliver customer experience your customers deserve

We serve construction and property management companies as well as Strata corporations. We have developed a platform using cutting-edge technologies to enable our customers to reach their business objectives. Whether you want to improve your bottom-line, manage and monitor your workforce to improve their productivity, or you would like to offer the array of services to your residents, we can help you. Our customers will use our platform to collect operational data to define the KPIs and metrics used for their performance improvement. Our platform allows the businesses to boost the productivity of their workforce, eliminate the operational overheads, to lower operating cost that leads to higher profitability. From customer experience perspectives, customer-focused businesses already know the importance of the service they deliver to their customers. Improving customer experience needs real-time operational data for analysis, skilled and productive workforce. The platform collects real-time operational data that can be used by leadership team to make informed decisions.

Gaining sustainable competitive advantage

Your business needs to stand out among thousands of other businesses in your industry. It is crucial to create a competitive advantage first and then sustain. Also, Your business won't last in today's competitive market if you fail to deliver quality service to your customers. On the other hand, you need to keep your eyes on your operating costs to avoid a decreasing profit. The critical question is, how do you improve service quality and customer experience without increasing the operating costs or losing profit?

We work closely with you to implement the solution and make sure that it is up and running.  We have two implementation models to get you going:

1- Out of the box Implementation Model

2- Custom Implementation Model

Out Of The Box Implementation

Out of the box implementation model is free of charge, and we deploy the solution in eighteen business days. This does not include the custom design, which is not part of the out of the box deployment. We work together to prepare the solution by following the steps below:

1- Kickoff phase ( three business days ) - Initial demo, sign the letter of intent LOI, prepare the contract, prepare the delivery timeline, and project plan
2- Analysis phase ( five business days ) - We learn about your current mode of operations. During this time:
    2-1 We collect and log the business requirements
    2-2 We identify the systems and processes and perform the impact
    2-3 We collect the forms, completion forms, material list, job code,  
            skill sets, and any other relevant artifact.
    2-4 Collect the required data - During this step, you are required to fill
            out some standard forms that we need for system configuration.
    2-5 We log any business requirements that are out of the scope, and
          we need to customize it for you. *
3- Design phase ( two business days ): We design the system and get
    ready for the implementation
4- Prepare for Change ( duration TBD ) - Together, we craft change management, implementation plan, timeline.  
    This step is part of the custom model. It is part of the professional
    services and will be charged an hourly basis. Timeline TBD *
5- Implementation ( five business days ) - We configure the system using the default out of the box functionality. This step will take seven business days.
6- Testing Phase - ( three business days )We will test the system and perform the pilot testing. This step will take three business days.
7- UAT test - During this phase, you test the system and ensure that system is performing according to the agreed scope and functionality.
8- We go live
9- Support - Fourteen business days, we monitor the live system for performance tuning.
10- Support phase - This doesn't include any changes. The support phase just covers the HOW-TO related questions, not the system changes.

Custom Implementation

This model will change the default system behaviour to fit your needs. It will require additional charges and would be charged an hourly basis. Step 2-5 will log the additional features or changes you need. Once we confirm those with you, we will provide the estimate and will be a one-time charge in addition to the monthly subscription charges.
As well, if we provide the change management service and consultation, it will be additional charges.