Use our SaaS platform for as low as $20 CAD per month/per technician

1-Platform is SaaS Software As a Service Model. It is a registration model that you can cancel at any time.
2- Service needs android devices. We provide free android device of our choice, if you sign a three years contract with us.
3- You don't buy software or hardware and you dont have to worry about the maintenance. We do it for you.
4- It is a 24/7 service. Terta for an additional $30 / Per technician , Per Month can act as your CRM Customer Relationship Management function to cut your receptionist cost.
5- It is a cost effective solution considering we take care of software, hardware, maintenance, upgrades as long as you use the of the shelf product.

6- It is easy to customize and configure the solution for your needs.
7- We use SaaS, Software As A Service Model. You don't need to worry about the software maintenance, server.

Tetra Basic

Minimum 15 Workforce

$20 CDN/Per Mobile Workforce / Per Month

  • Processing Power
  • Server Hardware
  • Standard Weekly Business Performance Report
  • Standard Monthly Business Performance Report
  • Crew Mobile Application
  • Admin Mobile Application
  • Initial Setup
  • Standard Configuration
  • Mon-Fri Support - 8:30 to 4:30 PM

Tetra Premium

Minimum 20 Workforce

$20 CDN/Per Technician /

 Per Month

  • Everything in Tetra Basic +
  • Custom Customer Mobile Application ***
  • New Customer Channel

Tetra Premium Plus

Minimum 20 Workforce

$30 CDN/Per Technician /

Per Month

  • Everything in Tetra Premium +
  • 7 Days a Week Support
  • 24 Hours Support

*** An additional $100 a month applies to personalize the mobile application with your logo and brand. Your customers can install it from the App Store or Google Play. The personalized mobile application will be connected to your order and fleet management.

To enroll, please fill out and submit the following form