Mobile Application Platform are expensive to develop

A mobile application that your customers can download and submit their requests to you is another channel to reach out to and serve your customers. It will improve your customer experience and is a great way to make an impression.  However owning a mobile application with your logo and brand on it is costly and could take  months to implement. Here is why you need our easy to use and ready for use platform. 

1- It will cost you at least $20,000
2- Monthly maintenance fee
3- Hosting fee minimum of minimum $100 a month
4- Initial consulting and business analysis cost, translating your needs to the language that software companies understand, design, and implement the app. 

You can use the Tetra Mobile Systems Personalized Mobile Platform for just $97 month with a $97 initial setup fee for three mobile applications. It is less than $35 per mobile application, and less than monthly maintenance fee and Hosting fee.

What is a Personalized Mobile Platform?

Personalized Mobile Platform is a set of three mobile applications with your logo and brand that your customers can install from Google Play Store and App Store.
Platform includes:
1- iOS and Android mobile application that your customers download and use
2- Android mobile application that your crew or personnel install to receive the work, perform, and complete
3- Android mobile application used by management to manage, monitor, and access work orders' status.


Different Models for Different Needs

There are two models to get your personalized platform: Standard and Standard Plus

1- Standard Model, you will get a standard feature set for $97 a month with a $97 initial setup fee. No customization
2- Standard Plus Model, if you find the standard model doesn't serve your need, you will upgrade to the Standard Plus package.
     We will work with you to customize the solution further. The prices will vary based on your needs and level of customization, and you will have your dedicated
     server and hosting.

Standard Model Configuration Data

The standard model includes the feature in the list and will be as-is with no Customization. The only thing that will change is the logo. We use your logo on the client application. For any other or additional change, you need to move to the Standard Plus package. In this model, upon the registration and payment, you will receive an excel file to fill out. Tetra will use the information in the excel file to prepare your platform for use. For the standard model, you will fill out the excel with the information in the list.

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  • List of services or products
  • List of your personnel
  • List of your personnel skills
  • List of job codes your use
  • Pictures of your personnel