About our platform


Tetra's Mobile Systems Workforce Management platform comprised of three mobile applications under Android and iOS and a server application that runs on the cloud. We use cutting edge technologies to deliver a robust solution to our customers. The platform collects and stores operational data that businesses can use to analyze and take the required actions toward operational excellence.

What is Mobile Workforce Management?


Order Management and Fleet Management is a collection of applications that helps business to efficiently manage the work orders and professionals or the crew that perform those work orders. It is sometimes called WFM Workforce Management. The solution comprised of different modules or applications that collectively bring the functionality together.


Tetra's Mobile Workforce components


Tetra's solution has three client applications. Together, these three application brings Tetra's offering to its clients:

1- Findee Base - It is used by management level. It is an Android base mobile application that runs on android tablets or mobile phones.
2- Findee Crew - It is used by workforce who does the work. It is an Android base mobile application that runs on android tablets or mobile phones.
3- Findee Client - It is used by businesses' customers to initiate order requests. It is Android / iOS mobile application.
4- Findee Server - It is the engine, runs in background. It holds the business logic and is the heart of the platform. It runs on Amazon AWS and is web service based back-end application.


Tetra's platform architecture mostly relies on the open source technologies and follows the SaaS Model, Software As A Service running on Amazon AWS. It is cloud base architecture and follows the industries best practices to ensure the solution's reliability, scalable, availability. The architecture is designed to minimize or eliminate the interruption to our customers daily operations.