About Us

Tetra Mobile Systems is a group of entrepreneurs with a dream of adding value and making a meaningful impact. We take small steps to achieve our goals, but we make it with precision, forward-looking, fueled with enthusiasm, dedication. What we offer today is a product of years of experience that helped us to deliver a working, scalable, configurable, reliable product to telecom and utility operators with thousands of mobile workforce around the globe. Our products and services are value-driven, and in every step we take, we think about if we make any difference, and if we any create value for our customers. We value our work, do it with joy, don't stop until we get there.

We are a proud member of the VRCA Vancouver Regional Construction Association serving its members. We can help you to measure your technicians' productivity, provide you with the solution to overcome your resource shortage, complete more jobs in a hours shift, and put the spotlight on the areas of improvement in your day to day operations and serve your customer better.  Read more

Our Vision

To be known as the best mobile platform provider for small to medium-sized trade, construction, property management companies, and strata that creates high value for their investment by offering them a wide range of services customized for their needs.

Our Mission

To create value by delivering a low-cost, easy to configure, easy to customize, easy to use with a quick turn-around time mobile platform solutions for small to medium-sized trade, construction, property management, and strata to gain operational efficiency, serve their customers better, and lower their operating costs.

Our Values

We put our customers first;
We are on the lookout to disrupt;
We believe in giving and contributing;
Our customers' success is our success;
We value honesty, respect, and compassion;
We challenge the status quo;
We embrace change and initiate opportunity;
We believe in spirited teamwork;
We dare to innovate;
We value giving to our surroundings;

Why Tetra?

Our solution is a result of a combined 25 years of experience in mobile workforce management, order management, and fleet management industry. Tetra's solution is affordable for small to medium-size businesses with mobile workforce. You will use the solution that is backed by years of experience in the industry, brought by its founders and have implemented customized solutions for large telecom operators across Europe, North America, as well as South Africa. We have implemented the order management solution for a dozen of large telecom and utility operators. Lessons learned from each project have helped us to improve and add features based on the customers' feedbacks that matters the most. We have refined our products based on the best practices. The founders have a mix of IT and Business backgrounds.

Tetra's product is the result of years of implementation of customized order and fleet management solutions for the telecom operators ranging from 2000 to 11000 mobile workforce. We have tailored the enterprise-scale solution for small to medium-size businesses to make it more affordable and accessible.

We take care of you such that you can focus on your day-to-day business without worrying about the IT side. This is where we can add value.

VRCA Member

We are a proud member of the VRCA Vancouver Regional Construction Association. Our goal is to serve the construction industry and enable them for success and delivering value to their customers.

Tetra Mobile Systems Founders