Save On Operating Cost, Including
Your Labour Cost, For As Low
As $20 a Month Per Technician.
No Contract. No Obligation.

What do we do?

We help you to optimize your field operations by providing the tools you need to manage your mobile workforce, avoid human errors, cut overhead cost, reduce workforce idle time, leading to higher productivity.

Join Tetra's Skilled Resource Bank to tap into the technicians' resource pool

Gain profitability by containing the operating costs and boosting technician’s productivity

Our customers

Construction, Renovation, and Trade Companies

Small to medium-sized construction, renovation, and trade companies can use our platform tailored for their use. Using our platform, you can improve your bottom-line by achieving operational efficiency, simplifying your processes, lowering your operating cost, eliminating overheads, improving your service capacity, enhancing productivity, and increasing your workforce's availability. Our platform provides resources sharing functionality with your business partners to loan your resources when you face with resource shortage and decrease the resource idle time. The platform will allow you and your business partner to share the human resources in a controlled manner.

Strata Corporations

Let's take the strata service to the next level. Today's strata's day-to-day operation, managing, and serving their residents can change to bring more services, more convenience to their residents doorsteps. Your residents will install the mobile application to access variety of the services such as plumbers, electricians, handymen, food delivery, and access to strata and property managers. While your residents initiate service requests using the mobile application for in-suite or common areas, you can monitor the building health and on-going and historical maintenance history.

Property Management Companies

The property management companies can benefit from Tetra's platform for one or more of the following purposes:
1- Introducing a new service application to their resident to conveniently access the variety of internal and external services and resources such as plumbing, electricians, handymen, delivery, insurance, painter, and more.
2- Property management companies will have access to external resources and trades upon a request from the residents if their contractors are not available in case of emergencies.
3- Monitoring the service quality and SLA Service Level Agreement to ensure the quality of the services they receive from their contractors and vendors.
4- If a property management company manages more than one building, our customized solution allows the property management companies to manage the multiple buildings' operations from a single management dashboard.

End-to-End Integrated Solution

Our platform serves the strata, property management and construction companies. These businesses can use the solution customized explicitly for their need as a standalone solution to serve their customers with no integration with property management or construction and trade companies.

Alternatively, we have an integrated model that connects strata, property management companies, and construction & Trade solutions to serve the end-user who lives in a strata lot. Solutions designed explicitly for these businesses are the building blocks that connect these solutions to create an integrated model.

Our Products

Management Console



Residents and Customers Mobile Application


Mobile Workforce Application

Our offering is designed to respond to 3 main emerging trends

Mobile workforce trends

 The following trends are emerging:

1- Flexible work arrangement
2- Scheduling Automation
3- Employee Experience
4- Customer experience and convenience

Customer Experience

Time has changed. Customers demand better, convenient service, cheaper, and more information about their service request more than ever. Customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention. Business needs to open new channels to reach out to their customer and provide a convenient way to receive customers service request. The phone is not enough.

Innovate or lose your customers

History shows those businesses who ignore the trends and don't reply on time lose the market share and suffer. Companies who become comfortable and don't respond to the changing market with the right systems, processes, and culture lose the competition and their customers. Your current operation's setup and strategy is as good as the time it has been engineered for. Customers are more demanding and you should tailor your strategy and choices you make accordingly.

How do we enable you for success?

We streamline your operations, simplify the processes, tailor our solution to your needs, and equip you with cutting edge technology to gain operational efficiency while keeping the operating costs low, leading to higher profitability. Once you are ready to start, we will deploy the solution either as out of the box or customized model.

Why Do You Need The Solution?

The solution helps you to improve your operations, productivity, effectiveness that all lead to the improve your bottom-lines. You can deliver your service at a cheaper cost to your customers. Our solution helps you to choose the best service delivery personnel that is most cost-effective for your business.

Customer Experience

Customer retention cost is lower than customer acquisition. Repeating customers are your happy customers and mean more referrals. Customers expect quality service, convenience, and more intelligence on the status of their work orders. Keeping up with the latest tools and technologies sends signals to your customer that you invest in your business and always trying to improve the customer experience you make.