Join us to offer your service in your area using FINDEE

Why partner with us?

We partner with you and enable you with cutting edge technology access the customers who need your service.  When you register with us for any of the services below, we will:

  1. Advertise for you in our platform, open a new channel and market for you.
  2. If you are business and have crew, we will offer free mobile platform ( 3 mobile applications ) for free, with your signature logo.
  3. You can let your customer download you customer mobile application that we have customized for you.
  4. Your crew will be equipped with another mobile application to receive their work, submit status report, their location. System will also track how many hours your crew were active and their location on the map and more .....
  5. You will see the status and progress of the work orders or activities your crew are currently working on.
  6. You will receive detail information about task, customer information, work order status and more .....
  7. When customers looking for a service, your business or your name, if you are individual service providers will be shown.
  8. Customer order along with work order detail, address, location, distance, ETA of arrival, ..... all will be sent to your mobile application.  Register here




Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning Services

Plumber & Heating



Floor Installer


For any other services not listed in above, please contact us here.....