Tetra's Workforce Management (WFM) solution is the core of Findee's service. Designed for small to medium businesses, our WFM solution is an affordable way to create, assign, and manage work for your field workers. 

  • Create complex or simple activities to work on
  • Configurable forms that document the work done onsite
  • Integrated payment and signature capture capabilities
  • Realtime updates. Supervisors and Managers can see and review work done by crew.
  • Reporting

Findee Crew

The app that field workers and crew use to receive the day's activities and work on them. Different activities and orders can be worked on, each with its distinct configuration. Forms can be configured to be filled out and sent upon completion. With realtime updates to Findee Base, you'll know not only where your crews are but what they have done and how long it took.  

Findee Crew supports these features:

  • Supervisors can see their crew's work and location, in real time, and complete orders on behalf of the crew.
  • Maps showing the location of each activity 
  • Configurable forms that need to be filled out before the activity is finished. 
  • Signature capture. 
  • Payment processing. In conjunction with Findee, the crew cannot complete work until the Findee customer has paid for the work. 
  • Reports on performance and hours work. 
  • Designed to work offline. No internet because you're underground or out of coverage? No problem. You can still perform your day's work. 
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Findee Base

The heart of your field managment solution, Findee Base shows you the status of the day's activities and locations of your crews. Create new work activities and orders right within the app or by your CRM system. Tetra's solution allows you to automatically assign new work to the best crew, based on skill, availability, and location. Want to be in control instead? You can assign manually, too. 

Findee Base also supports these features:

  • Receive alerts when work is overdue or appointment windows missed. 
  • Reassign work automatically if the crew does not acknowledge the assignment
  • Reports on technician hours and performance
  • Group activities under one containing order, so that multiple crews can work on one order simultaneously. 
  • Sequencing of activities. One activity cannot be started until the previous has finished.  
  • Manage all your field service data within the app. Create new parts and assets, enroll new crews. 
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