Why Tetra Mobile Systems

Tetra Mobile Systems is small group of people with big dreams and goals in mind. We take small steps to achieve our goals, but we take it with precision, forward looking, fueled with enthusiasm, dedication. What we offer today, is a products of years of experiences that helped us to deliver working, scalable, configurable, reliable product to the market. Our products and services are value driven and in every step we took to craft our product, very first question was, if it will create value and solve people's life problems, if any. We value our work, do it with joy, dont stop, always in lookout to make it better.

Our Vision

Disrupting the way the consumer access the service providers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver one stop shop easy to use, affordable service platform for consumers and small to medium size service providers, fueled by innovative approach.

Our Values

  • We challenge status que, We respect diversity, We embrace change and initiate opportunity, We have a passion for growth, We believe in spirited teamwork, have the courage to innovate, We value giving to our surrounding.